Hé Poes!
09.09.2016 - *03.07.2018
November 2016
We'd like to present to you our newest worker on the farm, Hé Poes! Within 3 days he was master of the puppets, proof that I choose the right cat to undo us from mice and whatever else he may find. Till the day comes that Hé Poes! likes to hunt his food, he rules our livingroom.
Is he cute or what!

Hé Poes! was a wonderful cat, a good trained predator for the mice and a playful friend for the dogs. He also loved to climbe in trees which costs us a lot of money to restore his broken leg in 2017. After a period of pampering and rest he again was doing his thing outside when he probably fell out of a tree again. This time his fall was final, we found him dead underneath the willow tree.
No words can describe how he is missed.


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