Veni Vidi Vici's Gollum

04.09.06 - *04.21.13
We sometimes wonder if this brave little guy knows that he's actually a cat, not one of the dogs. He loves to spend his days playing outside, stealing bred from the birds and then provoke the dogs in a came of 'Try to catch me if you can'. He of course always wins.
In the evening he likes to dose away on my shoulder or under a pile of dogs. His spare time is filled with jumping on the dogs who all love this sphynx cat to bits, just like we do.

We decided the day Gollum arrived that he would be treated like any other cat we had. Not only would he have to get his butt out in the rain and snow to go potty, he would also be free to go wherever he likes to. Besides the time we had to dig him out of the canal, the fool, he's doing just fine. Early diagnosed with a hartmurmor we hope this way of natural living will prolong his lifespan. So far we haven't seen any downsides. Only a well muscled and happy friend.

With indescribable sadness we had to say farewell to our beloved friend. On a sunny sunday we watched him being happy just doing his stuff while all of a sudden he collapsed. Even a trip to the vet could not safe our little buddy and he died at home on my shoulder not much later. Way too early but boy, he did live life to the joyest. Sleep well my dearest shoulder ornament, I miss you every minute of the day.


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