De Majodian Full Monty

05.19.02 - *05.28.18
34 cm / 13.4 inch
07.10 Anisocoria
Hernia recovered
The clown, our Comic Castrato...
Everything is fun until proven otherwise. This dog is totally insane at moments and well known for his funny streetshows on his hind legs, slapping butts in order to get as much attention possible. On very good days he will even talk with that allthough nobody knows what he is talking about. He doesn't care, he just enjoys.
Together with Desi he is now the nestor of the group yet still very happy and outgoing. And best of all... always fun to have around.

Socks became ill on his 16th birthday and showed no signs of getting better. At the same day as his grandchild Yara he could no longer walk nor was willing to eat. Together with Yara we had to let him go. His character is the best we had here and so he will certainly be missed for a long time to come.


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