Litter 2004

And another happy litter... This litter was all about character and I truly think both Mindy as Socks gave the best of themselves to each pup... one got more than the other but overal this litter was way easier to handle than the one before.

Borre of course stayed here to become my most loyal dog, the other 3 have found their own wonderful owner.

Full Monty in Basic Black - Bas

Full Monty Tri Me - Junior

Full Monty Nice Tri - Glitter

De Majodian Full Monty

07.10 Anisocoria
Hernia recovered
Ch Blandora Oh Boy Alltot Jack Frost at GlebeheathTotsdown Terrific
Ch Totsdown Trixie of Freelane
Blandora Cherry BeCh Blandora Brainwave
Blandora Lovely in Black
Teufelchen XannsarahGoldenberry O'Shannon TeufelchenInt Ch Bloomsbury Figaro-Blue
Int Ch Bloomsbury Blackberry
Azzura von HllgrundRazzmatazz Triumph
El-Chiquitin's Tsching-De-Rassa-Sa
Newbourne Furs Fair

Iris atrophy
Ch Brukso Flambeau Honebon Highly UnholyCh Zucci Highest Accolade
Zucci Little Angel from Honebon
Shipstone Maggie's Maple with BruksoMovalian Black Jack to Shipstone
Shipstone Mint's Magpie
Crystal Clear of Coalacre Shipstone Feasant's Last LuvShipstone Fantasy's Feasant at Cavkinless
Shipstone Qu's You're The Best
Shipstone Fan's Mona Lisa Ch Debrita Dramatist
Terihund Dark Fantasy to Shipstone

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