A wonderful experience this litter was. From 3 weeks on they followed me everywhere in a long line of happy tailwagging chicks. So many pups also mean many different characters but they all got along just fine. After their hourly playsessions they would pile up and for a moment the house was full of peace and boringness:)

Unfortunately all of the pups in this litter are either Carrier or Affected with PLL. A devistating outcome of this wonderful experience.


Full Monty Calvin Klein

Normal 08.10 Iris atrophy
StripPoker's Park Avenue Marijo's White KnightCh Vandalia's Rheinholt
Royal Look White Ice
StripPoker's Do U Think I Am Sexy Moonswift Circus Pony
Moonswift Candle In The Wind
Newbourne Furs Fair

Iris atrophy
Ch Brukso FlambeauHonebon Highly Unholy
Shipstone Maggie's Maple With Brukso
Crystal Clear Of Coalacre Shipstone Feasant's Last Luv
Shipstone Fan's Mona Lisa
Lolaks Dancing Girl

at least Carrier
Lolaks Envoy of FortuneRus Ch Pathos Pacificus DewShumllea Jack In The Box
A. for Dew Abrakadabrai
Pol Ch Emmely von ShinbashiInt Ch Goldenberry Dark McIntosh
Alexandras Amanda
Imagination Dream v. ShinbashiVDH Ch Undercover Agent v. ShinbashiRambow Von Shinbashi
Nina Von Shinbashi
Int Ch Fair Play Lady Von ShinbashiGer Ch Avacado Von Chen-Yu
Goldenberry Azaria

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